Hey! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog :)

Lucadonta is a cruelty free lifestyle blog with posts ranging from travel and books to vegetarian treats and cruelty free cosmetics. I sometimes throw the occasional life pondering in for good measure too.

A little bit about me? I'm Lucianna, I'm 22, and living in England.

When I'm not doing my best to be a History Student I can be found campaigning for Oxfam or working in a cafe and frothing up a mean cappuccino. In my time off you're most likely to find me deep in the countryside with my three amazing dogs close behind (well, probably ahead).

If that fails I'll be reading, drawing, browsing Pintrest and planning my future D.I.Y filled house,or maybe even running.

Contact: lucadonta@gmail.com

Disclaimer: If a post includes a product that has been sent to me to review, or if the post is a collaboration with an external party, i'll provide information at the bottom of the post. I will happily answer any questions relating to this!
All views are always entirely my own, and I will only agree to work with a company if they fit with my ethics and cruelty free views! :)

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